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Litigation success requires experience and knowledge of both the substantive jurisprudence and rules of procedure unique to each type and phase of an adversary proceeding. PIB Law's commercial litigation team represents clients in all aspects of litigation, including trials and appeals in all state and federal courts, and federal, state, and self-regulatory administrative proceedings. We also act as business counselors, providing advice on the prevention of claims and avoidance of litigation. We provide critical counsel at all stages of a business dispute, allowing us to place our clients in the best position possible to obtain a favorable result. We represent large and small businesses on a national, regional, and local level.

At PIB Law, we stress a team approach to address and resolve each client's litigation issues by drawing on the knowledge of the attorney best qualified to handle a client's unique problems. Our team has the judgment, experience, and resources to make candid assessments of our clients' circumstances and needs, to recommend the best course of action that is consistent with our client's goals, and to maximize every opportunity for successful results. We are dedicated to managing litigation matters efficiently and resolving our clients' business disputes in the most effective and expeditious way possible.

While jury trials are an option in any litigation, we recognize that our clients' primary goal is usually dispute resolution. This is especially true in situations in which the business dispute is between parties seeking an ongoing business relationship. Whenever possible and appropriate, we negotiate settlements that avoid the expense and disruption of courtroom proceedings while ensuring that our clients' interests are protected. Through our trial experience, strong record in alternative dispute resolution, and advanced information technology systems, we strive to protect your legal rights and reduce any negative impact on your business while producing winning strategies for our clients -- both in and out of the courtroom.

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