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PIB Law conducts thorough and discreet internal investigations to assess the risk of criminal liability to an organization and its individuals and to enable decision makers to make informed judgments.

Our attorneys have extensive experience conducting complex, highly sensitive internal investigations on behalf of individuals, companies, and corporate boards. Our team handles internal investigations in conjunction with our other teams, including our Crisis Management team, to manage any potential public scrutiny, and to assist with regulatory compliance, employment issues, corporate governance issues, and criminal liability.

Our attorneys have appeared before state and federal agencies, have conducted administrative investigations and proceedings, participated in state and federal criminal investigations, and managed private litigation stemming from to the original criminal investigation. We counsel our clients both behind the scenes and before investigating agencies and the general public. We provide the tools for management to understand what has transpired in the organization and to determine a course of action.

Our lawyers advise clients on whether to:

  • disclose criminal conduct to the government
  • discipline responsible members of the organization
  • waive or retain the attorney-client privilege
  • conduct internal interviews and determine which members of the organization to interview
  • handle and advise on cooperating witnesses
  • implement measures to prevent recurrence including effective compliance and enforcement programs.

Our services include:

  • Advising and conducting investigations on matters involving the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other anti-corruption measures and advising on dealings with foreign companies and mapping out best practices. 
  • Counseling clients with respect to the preparation of corporate compliance programs and the development of corporate governance.  
  • Advising on the development of compliance plans and protocols for data breaches as part of a comprehensive plan of cybersecurity.  We also provide a wide range of cyber-preparedness including due diligence, education, cyber-attack assessment and litigation related to data privacy.
  • Counseling our clients with respect to all types of internal investigations to determine the facts in each case and to help assess the legal and regulatory implications and exposure involved.

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