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Our attorneys have broad experience in a range of construction projects, from commercial and residential to more complex transactions.  The construction lawyers at PIB have advised on a broad variety of construction contracts and are skilled at structuring agreements to fit our clients' commercial, financial and legal needs. Construction and engineering projects involve a number of risks unique to the industry and our attorneys have a deep understanding of how to best manage and minimize those risks.  PIB Law’s Construction group provides a full range of legal services to clients in all aspects of construction and government contracting, including:

  • Administration of construction services
  • Development of a risk profile and risk management
  • Contract interpretation, complex contract claims and surety litigation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Claims preparation and negotiation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Installation/specification issues
  • Contract defaults and terminations
  • Delay and inefficiency claims
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Insurance coverage and claim disputes
  • Mechanic's liens
  • Contractor licensing claims
  • Property damage claims

PIB Law construction lawyers assist clients in addressing the legal challenges of engaging in the design, development, performance and management of residential and commercial construction contracts. This breadth of experience enables us to handle the complete spectrum of issues arising before, during and after project completion.

Range of Services

Contract Formation and Performance

  • Project development, including preparing and negotiating contract documents and ancillary documents that expressly account for risks, responsibilities and rewards essential to a successful project.
  • Advising owners, subcontractors, engineers, architects, and other design professionals, in forming and managing contractual relationships.

Claims Prevention

  • Analysis of project risks including developing effective processes for event identification, risk assessment, response and mitigation planning, communication, controls and monitoring.
  • Counseling client prior to construction to ensure awareness of issues and potential pitfalls, and to assist in the prevention or resolution of claims.
  • Reviewing contract forms and procedures so clients are better able to avoid situations that result in claims or delays.

Dispute Resolution

  • Handling of coverage issues, including professional indemnity and public liability.
  • Extensive experience on the dispute resolution processes including negotiations, mediation, arbitration, administrative hearings and trial.
  • Early resolution, if possible, to avoid a potentially lengthy and expensive resolution.

Construction Claims

  • Handling claims involving delays, disruptions, loss of productivity, acceleration, payment disputes, insurance coverage, change orders and allegations of defective design or construction.

Project Support

  • Providing support to project teams to ensure that the project is on track from a contractual and legal standpoint.
  • Early course correction, identification and resolution of issues in the event that the project appears to be headed towards a dispute. 

Default/Termination Claims

  • Handling claims arising from contractor and subcontractor default terminations as well as failed construction projects.
  • Negotiating no-cost terminations or obtaining terminations for convenience on behalf of improperly terminated contractors and design professionals.

Design Professionals

  • Representing architects, engineers and other design professionals in contractual issues related to project delivery systems during the pre-design, design and construction phases including allegations of construction deficiencies, failure to comply with relevant standards and regulations, delays, overspending and post-construction issues.
  • Defending claims against design professionals, and/or against professional liability insurance carriers.

Property Damage Claims

  • Representing owners, contractors and other project participants in claims arising out of property damage.
  • Dealing with insurance companies and claims adjusters, and advising on policy coverage issues.
  • Undertaking recovery actions, including subrogated claims.

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