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Cybersecurity and data protection are nearly universal concerns for our clients. Breaches in cybersecurity can be associated with catastrophic costs - both financial and reputational. The ease with which our clients can now transfer secure data brings a new world of risks. Privacy laws are continually evolving. Even the most diligent and conscientious company can unwittingly misstep in using, transferting and disclosing information. The consequences of these missteps can be serious: fines, litigation, government audits, and exposure to criminal liability. Moreover, a cybersecurity breach can lead to loss of business and consumer trust.

Our crisis management team works to support our cybersecurity experts and data-protection professionals. We work with our clients across a full range of industry sectors to advise on making disclosure decisions, communicating with regulators and law enforcement, defending civil and regulatory actions, and managing interactions with outside vendors, employees, and clients. We also have experience working with clients to reduce the risks of, and prepare for, various cybersecurity events, including:

  • Evaluating cross border data transfers
  • Assessing company threats, defenses, policies, procedures and training. 
  • Identifying data that could pose a cybersecurity risk
  • Assisting in responding to regulatory inquiries
  • Drafting and implementing incident response and business continuity plans
  • Drafting privacy and cybersecurity policies
  • Conducting privacy and cybersecurity audits
  • Assessing obligations to notify of the event of a breach, including the nature and timing of such notification. 
  • Reviewing vendor contacts regarding notification, insurance, and cooperation.
  • Determining the appropriate level of involvement by senior employees of the company
  • Reviewing public statements made by the company regarding cybersecurity risks.

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