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Our attorneys are proficient in new technologies and have a deep understanding of the challenges they can present for a business. We represent our clients in asserting or defending claims of trade secret misappropriation and unfair competition in federal and state courts, and before public agencies. PIB Law has extensive experience in identifying trade secrets, and designing, implementing, and maintaining trade secret policies and protections under the relevant laws.  Our trade secret clients also receive the benefits of our multidisciplinary teams, including litigation, intellectual property and corporate.  We are also well versed in the sensitive nature of trade secret claims.

PIB lawyers assist clients in developing programs for protecting trade secrets and managing risks, counsel clients to avoid being named as a defendant in trade secret claims, and enforce and defend trade secret claims on behalf of their clients. We assist in developing trade secret and proprietary information policies and programs, which  are often the least expensive and the most effective way to protect intellectual property. Through counseling and transactional advice, we help clients protect their trade secret processes, methodologies, information, formulae, client lists, ideas, and other proprietary information.  We work closely with our clients to modify, design, and implement effective trade secret policies and practices, “invention” agreements, and postemployment noncompetition, nondisclosure, and nonsolicitation agreements.

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