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PIB Law understands the challenges clients face in a sudden or emerging crisis. Our crisis management team employs a strategic and business-focused approach to addressing such emergencies. We work to provide a rapid and measured response to the immediate crisis and employ a well laid out strategy to mitigate long-term legal, business, governmental, regulatory, career and public relations effects. We work collaboratively with the business to effectively handle disruptions so that the company can move forward and maintain its brand and reputation. 

Our attorneys have the judgment, skills, relationships and experience to provide an integrated approach to resolving the crisis. We address all aspects of a client's business and legal needs including litigation, regulatory, media and and investor scrutiny.

Our attorneys have the skills to manage a crisis on multiple fronts. We address the organizational impact, both internally and with respect to the general public. We also assist clients avoid crises altogether or emerge from a potential crisis quickly and with less financial and reputational harm. We advise clients on consider potential risks to avoid the manifestation of any business disruption. 

PIB attorneys advise on potential business risks in the areas of:

  • Accounting improprieties
  • Regulatory investigations and inquiries
  • Bet the company litigation
  • Environmental crises
  • Adverse financial reports
  • Project finance failures
  • Operational disruptions
  • Changes in high level personnel
  • Labor and employment matters
  • Public corruption
  • Data and security breaches

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