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Whether involving your business or you as an individual, litigation consumes time, effort and money. PIB Law has a wealth of experience in getting to the heart of a dispute and crafting a negotiating strategy that can resolve core issues before they go to trial.

Lawyers at PIB Law represent plaintiffs and defendants including individuals, partnerships, shareholders and corporations in all aspects of litigation before federal and state administrative agencies and courts, including pre-trial analysis, court filings, discovery, motion practice, alternative dispute resolution, and if necessary, through trial and appeal. In addition to defending and responding to private industry and regulatory actions, the firm’s attorneys are also highly skilled in pursuing affirmative lawsuits.

Working closely with clients to evaluate their potential claims or defenses related to commercial, professional, employment and personal disputes, and with a focus on what’s important to the specific client, PIB Law litigators help clients prepare their cases and counsel them on steps and procedures involved, always keeping the client’s goals in mind. With a deep bench of skilled civil litigation attorneys, our lawyers leverage their client’s negotiating position to reach a beneficial settlement, which is often the most expedient and cost-effective way to resolve disputes.

When a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, our litigators deftly pursue the matter through the courts and collaborate with experts, including investigators, accountants, economic impact analysts and other relevant professionals, in order to achieve a successful outcome, in an efficient and cost effective manner

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