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Our marketing and advertising attorneys regularly advise on all issues relating to the creation and distribution of all types of advertising, marketing, and promotional material across all media. In this ever-evolving area, our clients rely on our marketing and advertising group for proactive legal advice that allows them to market effectively.

Advertising and promotional media are in a constant flux, with new methods of advertising regularly being developed.   Legal issues related to advertising, marketing and promotional activities can arise at all stages, including when clients:

  • Launch a new line of products/services
  • Establish New social media or ad campaign
  • Develop a website or software program
  • Introduce a new product label or packaging
  • Engage in sponsorship or co-branding activities
  • Conduct sweepstakes, contests and charitable promotions
  • Collect, use and publish user-generated content
  • Make “green” claims, “free” claims, “Made in USA” claims and use endorsements and testimonials; use comparative and native advertising
  • Send commercial e-mails
  • Collect, store and use personal and credit card information

Our advertising and marketing attorneys provide counsel in each of these areas on a daily basis. 

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