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Our attorneys represent clients in domestic and international arbitrations, mediations, nonbinding evaluations, mini-trials and negotiated settlements.  Many of our attorneys have participated as both advocates and neutrals in arbitrations, mediations and other  alternative dispute resolution proceedings.  As a result of our experience, our attorneys have a clear insight into the decision-making process of the neutral evaluator, as well as a deep understanding of the relevant rules and procedures. 

Our litigation team works closely with our corporate attorneys in drafting and negotiating mediation and arbitration clauses in financial and commercial agreements and are aware of any potential pitfalls of these clauses.  Our attorneys have vast experience litigating the scope, validity and enforceability of arbitration clauses and assist clients in enforcing such clauses and collecting on arbitration awards. 

Our lawyers are experienced in litigation proceedings related to arbitration including motions to compel arbitration, challenges to the arbitral panel, as well as in post-hearing litigation to enforce arbitration awards. 

Our colleague, Judge Cohen was inducted as a Charter Member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, New Jersey Chapter. In addition, Olga O'Donnell serves as an arbitrator for Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). 

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