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Melinda Colon Cox Featured in Women Who Wow Profile Print PDF


Partner Melinda Colon Cox was featured in a Women Who Wow profile on the Social Media Butterfly blog.

In the profile, Melinda discusses her career path, what she loves most about what she does, her advice to women on succeeding in their careers and her role models.

When asked why she became a lawyer and the woman she looks up to, she said, "it was my mother’s pure grit, work ethics and strength that truly inspired me to become a lawyer.

My mother taught me to do better, to be better, and to challenge myself. Her struggles were my struggles, and I wanted to do better to make life easier for her and my family. As I grew up, I quickly learned that so many people in my community – the Latinx community – are disadvantaged or looked down upon simply because of the color of their skin, their “strong” accents, or their lack of education or a stereotypical belief that they are not educated. So I knew I had to become the person in my family to succeed, to make life easier for my family and to help those who may not always have a voice or a platform to express that voice.

I am inspired by my community on a daily basis, and I strive to empower others through education and equal and fair access to and application of the law."

Read the full profile about Melinda.

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